Você pode ser reprovado em um teste de drogas?

April 4, 2017
Estudos e Pesquisas com Cannabis
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Many people ask us if they take our 1Pure CBD product it will show up on a drug test. 

One of the many reasons that our 1Pure CBD is available in USA and other countries is because it does not contain THC. Since our product is completely isolated from the other active components of cannabis, it won't contain THC. Some CBD rich hemp oils will contain a negligible amount of THC. It is very important you check their Certificate of Analysis before you buy. Their products are created with legally imported industrial hemp, which they say it has a THC content of less than 0.3%. Many people even question about that percentage and say it can be higher. 

Due to the "extremely low" amounts of THC in CBD Rich Hemp Oil products, they are unlikely to meet the threshold for a positive drug screen. Most employer drug screens use guidelines set out by SAMHSA as an industry standard. The SAMHSA guidelines set the cutoff point for THC at 50 ng/ml, as you can see here. In cases of false positives, a second confirmatory test has a cutoff for 15 ng/ml, but tests only for an even more specific THC metabolite. Common drug screens also have very little cross-reactivity for other cannabinoid compounds such as CBD, CBG, and CBN.

Since most common drug tests test for levels of THC in the blood or urine, if the THC level in the urine falls below a certain threshold, the test report is negative. If the level of THC is above the common 50 ng/ml threshold, then the test will show as positive. The main concerns about failed drug tests are for medical cannabis users who use products that contain THC. Heavy consumers of Hemp Oil (in the thousands of mg per day) may also give a positive result due to the minute amounts of THC, but consumers of CBD isolates, which is the case of our 1Pure, should have nothing to fear.

Our product will not make you fail a drug test and are a good choice for consumers who are concerned about passing or failing employer drug screens.

Esta informação é apresentada apenas para fins educacionais. 1Pure fornece informações para dar uma compreensão das aplicações potenciais do canabidiol. Links para sites de terceiros não constituem um endosso dessas organizações por parte da 1Pure e nada deve ser inferido.

Equipe 1Pure
A 1Pure foi fundada por um grupo de indivíduos frustrados com a falta de produtos de qualidade e não padronizados na indústria da cannabis. A empresa acredita que um produto seguro, de qualidade, natural e não-psicoativo deve ser amplamente disponível para aqueles que necessitam.

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